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Friday, August 31, 2012 little we know...


how little we


of what you do

how few

the thanks

we offer you

as we pass


to the coolness

in your deeper parts

that costs nothing

but is everything

to those of us

who need the

air you clean

the water

to quench

our children's thirst

to banish winter

bring us through


and summer

to that place

of color

as you ease into


as green gives way

to crimson



as your hunger wanes

and you look

toward your

long rest

when your song

will soften

to a whisper


Wednesday, August 29, 2012 that the rain...


                                                                now that the rain
has had its way
with you
and washed you clean
you put the jeweler to shame
with your brilliance
for no emerald
sings the way your leaves sing
no cut glass
splits the light
as do your eyes that have looked
upon us these many years now
stumbling across your roots
where you began
where you continue
what need have we
of anything beyond you
you who though old
are ever young
alive in your transpiration
blessing young ones
springing from
the earth at your feet
your legacy
among the grass
that aspires to your

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Trees...I heard you whisper...


I heard you whisper
last night
amongst yourselves
and early this morning
at daylight
your sighs
mingling with the hiss
of tires
on pavement
whispers that held words
at the space
empty now
where your ancient one
had stood
your breath tremulous
precluding tears
I heard as rain.
You talked too
about who would
take its place
to shelter starlings
during storms
about which of you
would rise to the occasion
before the sun rose
ending the conversation
with no one
the wiser.

Thursday, August 16, 2012 weep today...


                you weep today
for the passing of a friend
ancient and loyal
it stood

for what might have been
cheered your birth from the soil
sheltered you from wind
and sun
then held you

let go at just the right

as you learned to walk
through the pages of our thoughts
and experiences
explored the process
of becoming the
thing that screams
the loudest
as fodder for our poems

Long after this rain
you will weep
for the great space
left open by its passing
the vines that embraced it
lost now along the fence
frightened clinging
wondering what happened
and why they weren't told
of the sentence imposed
on their innocent

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tree...I mourn your passing...


I mourn your passing
urged on by dirges
wailed by saws
and other human
that sent slices of you
to the earth
that waits
knowing it all ends there
where all is made swift work of
where more of you reside

Birds fled
clouds parted
each blade of grass bowed its head
and I stood
my spirit spent at
your demise not written anywhere
but on my soul

Friday, August 10, 2012

Tree...did you see...

did  you see the man approaching
with that look
in his eye
that look
that spoke of fire on a cold night
a new shelf in his workshop
shavings for the woman's
flower beds?
Did you know it would hurt
to have the years
cut from you that way
no blood
trees don't bleed
but they weep.

I've heard them.

Might I have heard you
that day
before the thud
the sound
a tree makes
as it
meets its Maker?