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Friday, February 3, 2017

Trees...what are you making of us...

...what are you making of us
who bask beneath you
at more serendipitous
carefree times
enjoy the shade you provide
your riotous spring
summer and fall colors
that mesmerize us leave us
breathless wordless...
...are you shaking your great heads
in consternation puzzling
at our inability to grasp certain truths
at our confusion if only we might
content ourselves to stand patient
as pines stoic as oaks
demure as maples
pliable as birches...
...there is something to be said
for standing still allowing things
to take their natural courses without
our needing to move a single branch
or twig that time and the world
know enough to resolve them
with none of us the worse for wear
like so many of you who bounce back
joyously each year from winter's
...rather we grasp and claw
struggle toward what we already know
to be so
but refuse to take in through
our own bark fearful
always that we'll lose our way
stray become lost if only we knew
that all we need do is stand still
and wait it out like trees...
like you...