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Saturday, December 22, 2012 know of such things...

you know of such things
as malice and cruelty
and speak of them daily
amongst yourselves
shaking your heads in dismay
when we think that
it's just the wind slipping
between your boughs
distorting your words
you know of the
seedling's struggle
of the odds against it
growing old and wise
such as yourselves
the forces it must overcome
to reach the sun
defy the sword's sharp edge to
become the earth's sentinel
you know about gales
that topple saplings
cold that splits them
lightning that
cuts them to their quick
disease that renders them
no more than empty shells
pushed them to their limits
sometimes too far
sometimes too soon
you know that it is
not always chance
that evil lives in every
breathing thinking thing
and on a mad whim
strikes out blindly
at anything and everything
never noticing
as its shadow passes
that seed
hiding at your feet




Wednesday, December 19, 2012 have tales to tell...


you have tales to tell
histories locked in your rings
tight and unreachable
but by the sawyer's cut
when the years spill out
as so much sap
and secrets
years of strife
sadness strivings
uncertain ages
and misgivings
lamentations over losses
celebrations of victories
and ages of uncertainty
locked away
in your layers
of bark safe
until the first glint
of metal on flesh
your innards
show us time
compressed into narrow spaces
thin green skins
that knew sunlight
for only a year
before night fell forever
and we count them
run our fingers across them
and marvel that

you were there
when it all happened
and yet said not a word
but were
resigned waiting
for a hand
that bore a pen