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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trees...she said once...


she said once
this woman of no great wisdom
or so I'd always thought
when a young thing
myself who knew everything
and she nothing
that one of you
gray wizened shell
remnant of a greener time
should be left to stand
in contrast to its mates
still young
still new and knowing
that cutting it down
would somehow
spoil the picture

she was right you know
this woman of no schooling
but whose eyes
whose heart
she left me
along with
scribblings in a tattered notebook
something from you

years have passed
since we shared that view
that moment
more since she
screamed me
into this world
that cold March day
the day
I left her forever
farewelling me
as I turned toward you
and now
once more

toward her

Sunday, October 14, 2012 tears...


cloud tears
bathe your leaves
and lacking those
leave your skin dark
stained unimpressive
unsuited to
calendar pages
below which time
passes in numbers
like acorn sprouts
rainy days
are your days of rest
when you are relieved
of trying to impress
of straining against
the dullness of our lives
of trying to outshine
moon sun and stars
of holding us fast
to our dreams
your rings
when bared by the axe
reveal our histories
our journeys past you
through you around you
toppling you in our madness
while you
patient and resilient
stand wordlessly by

Friday, October 12, 2012

Trees...the sun and I...


the sun and I

have an agreement

he will wash your leaves

in gold

when I most need


that you are forever there

forever somewhere

along this journey

and I will

sing his praises

with words


considering his gift

and how it

sometimes blinds me

as it did

on a lonely country road

just now

where dark glasses

weren't enough

impossible to take

it all in

the afterglow

gold dust

against a

curtain of hills

and blue sky

Saturday, October 6, 2012 shimmer...



shimmer in the


shades of

your former selves


lost in the tangle

of what lives still

behind you


long winters

exhanging glances

when snow

built bridges

between you

when spring

sang you

into greenness

your light

lingering past



are on fire now

your immolation


your dirge

the keening

I hear

long into

my nights