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Thursday, April 17, 2014 have done it again...


you have done it again

amazed me with your resilience
enthralled me with your unrelenting
stoicism against the elements
and lived to tell of it
in your own way

with your stiff upper lips
and haughty postures making
even your ancient bent backs
works of art

you tell of this storm or that
of winds wild enough
to blow roofs off
and hats
turn parasols
wrong side out
to the dismay of those who
mistakenly persist
in defying you

fools not to see
how you survived
another winter scourge
how silly of them
not to hear your deep wisdoms
your sap coursing
your buds groaning
your words
that they mistake for
creakings and bark splittings
and rustlings as though
desiccated old
oak leaves had nothing