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Monday, September 3, 2012

Trees...I long for you...


I long for you
as for a lost lover
the ache that deep
that persistent
that cloying
I was not there
for your passing
for like a lover's death
I could not have
fathomed yours
could not
have answered the
will live with
the void
where you once were
my mind's eye
places me there
where again
I walk among you
only now
it is among shadows
of what once was
when love lived there
I drift
over your remains
rise like an offering
over your tombs
the forgotten things
ferns bracken moss
still trying
so hard
to protect
to comfort
I rise like a bird
high upon a current
gaze down
move my hand
in a slow blessing
across the ruined hillside
offer my caress
my condolence


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