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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Trees....even when I am not with you...



...even when I am not with you

I am with you

if only through my window

as you shed your fall attire and wait to don

your winter finery


a few of you left recently

decimated by the tree service



I sat by watching as they

toppled you sent you crashing to the ground

where you sent shudders through me for

the last time and then


someone came to erase what was left

grind away at your soul

at the records of your years

your dust fell

mingled with the soil

and then I went out

to claim you

to scatter as much as I could of you

among my flowers

where you will never be forgotten

at least not by them


and now it's as if nothing was

ever there at all

as if you'd never stood there

straining beneath the taller trees that had

the advantage all along but you never gave up

reaching for the sun



nor will I



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