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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trees...she said once...


she said once
this woman of no great wisdom
or so I'd always thought
when a young thing
myself who knew everything
and she nothing
that one of you
gray wizened shell
remnant of a greener time
should be left to stand
in contrast to its mates
still young
still new and knowing
that cutting it down
would somehow
spoil the picture

she was right you know
this woman of no schooling
but whose eyes
whose heart
she left me
along with
scribblings in a tattered notebook
something from you

years have passed
since we shared that view
that moment
more since she
screamed me
into this world
that cold March day
the day
I left her forever
farewelling me
as I turned toward you
and now
once more

toward her

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